82 albums or singles, 504 editions reviewed …

The milestone of 500 tested versions has been passed since the creation of this blog, 504 to be precise, thank you all for your encouragement.These 504 versions are distributed in 78 albums and 4 singles.The types of supports have been enlarged with in addition to the supports CD, DVD, Bluray, SACD, vinyl, cassette, DAT, streaming,Continue reading “82 albums or singles, 504 editions reviewed …”

Ed Sheeran + (plus) and = (equals) – reviews updated with Tidal Dolby Atmos

After the test of the last album – of Ed Sheeran, here is the update of the tests of the albums + and = with the version Tidal Dolby Atmos. For the first album of Ed Sheeran +, the Dolby Atmos version is a nice surprise with a beautiful spatialization that exploits all the channelsContinue reading “Ed Sheeran + (plus) and = (equals) – reviews updated with Tidal Dolby Atmos”

Ed Sheeran – – (Subtract) – Review (test : yellow vinyl, Qobuz Hi-Res and Tidal Dolby Atmos)

Ed Sheeran is back with his 5th studio album – (“Subtract”). Ed Sheeran is enjoying great success that began with his first album “+” (Plus), which included hit singles such as “The A Team” and “Lego House”.Since then, Sheeran has become one of the most popular and successful artists in the world, selling millions ofContinue reading “Ed Sheeran – – (Subtract) – Review (test : yellow vinyl, Qobuz Hi-Res and Tidal Dolby Atmos)”

70 albums or singles, 425 editions reviewed …

For this beginning of the year, here is a compilation of all the reviews 70 albums (including 3 singles) and 425 releases that have been tested. The information provided in this index will allow you to get an idea of how different versions of the same album sound. Many media have been tested: Vinyl (114),Continue reading “70 albums or singles, 425 editions reviewed …”

33 Albums and 157 Editions reviewed

Here is the index of reviews made on MagicVinylDigital.net with 33 albums tested and 157 editions analyzed.Among these editions, you can find 49 vinyl, 31 CD, 41 streaming, 3 SACD, 3 cassettes and also Hi res, Bluray, DVD, Atmos and 360 RA Binaural files… I hope that all these reviews will help you to findContinue reading “33 Albums and 157 Editions reviewed”

Ed Sheeran = Review (Vinyl, Streaming Hi-Res, Tidal and Amazon Dolby Atmos)

= pronounced “equals” is the 4th album of the artist released on October 29, 2021. Ed Sheeran said it was his “favorite album” on twitter. You can find the measurements of each edition in the different parts and listen to the samples of these albums here. This album includes 14 tracks :  We will reviewContinue reading “Ed Sheeran = Review (Vinyl, Streaming Hi-Res, Tidal and Amazon Dolby Atmos)”

21 Albums and 100 Editions

Here is a new step on MagicVinylDigital.net with 21 albums tested and 100 editions analyzed.Among these editions, we find 34 vinyls, 23 CDs, 14 streaming, 3 SACD, 3 cassettes and also Hi res, Bluray, DVD, Binaural files… I hope all these tests help you to find the edition you prefer.Find below the list of theContinue reading “21 Albums and 100 Editions”

10th album reviewed

For the 10th album, it’s two great boxes “Histoires de” of the singer Mylène Farmer which will be analyzed. These two boxes represent the 37 and 38 releases tested.In a few statistics :17 vinyl releases of albums12 CD releases of albums3 SACD releases of albums6 Hi-Res releases of albums The resume of the albums reviewedContinue reading “10th album reviewed”

Ed Sheeran – + (Vinyl, CD, Streaming, Dolby Atmos)

Ed Sheeran’s first album released in 2011 under the label Asylum Records. This album will sell 4 million copies with the singles Drunk, You need me I don’t need you, Lego House (Top 5 in the UK), The A Team, Small Bump and Give me love.This album is a good example of an album recordedContinue reading “Ed Sheeran – + (Vinyl, CD, Streaming, Dolby Atmos)”