Ed Sheeran + (plus) and = (equals) – reviews updated with Tidal Dolby Atmos

After the test of the last album – of Ed Sheeran, here is the update of the tests of the albums + and = with the version Tidal Dolby Atmos.

For the first album of Ed Sheeran +, the Dolby Atmos version is a nice surprise with a beautiful spatialization that exploits all the channels with a use that highlights the chorus and the width of the front sound stage.

Album + : average Spatialization 7.3. The spatialization can be very different from one song to another, with notes from 3.6 to 8.2.

Spatialization : ●●●●●●●ooo (7.3)

For the album, we also find a beautiful exploitation of the Dolby Atmos sound space on all the tracks, with a spatialization between 6 and 8.5.

Album = : average Spatialization 8.4. The spatialization varies between 6 and 8.5 depending on the track.

Spatialization : ●●●●●●●●oo (8.4)

Find the tests with the graphs of spatialization for the whole of the tracks as well as extracts and the comparison with the stereo versions Qobuz and vinyl disc:
here for the album +
here for the album =

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