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Dynamics of the media and music

The dynamics, i.e. the difference between the lowest and the highest level, is an important element of music. However it is important to distinguish the dynamics of the media (CD, vinyl, tape, SACD, digital file) and the dynamics of the track of music itself which can be independent of the media. Let us start with…

Nagra REFERENCE ANNIVERSARY TURNTABLE (for 70 years of Nagra) – Review

In parallel with the Paris Audio Video Show (PAVS) at the Palais des congrès de Paris, Acoustic Gallery proposed with Nagra the presentation and the listening of the Nagra REFERENCE ANNIVERSARY turntable on a Nagra electronics system. The Nagra REFERENCE ANNIVERSARY turntable was designed specifically for Nagra’s 70th anniversary. 4 years of work were needed…

Cutting the lacquer of an audiophile vinyl – After The Rain

AKELSON had already proposed a first vinyl Piuma, today, it proposes a new piano album After The Rain with Thomas Schirmann. The particularity of AKELSON (which was founded by Raoul) is to propose the vinyl version and the master version (here in 32 bits floating and 88.2 kHz) studio which is used for the realization…

Digital Factory Auditorium – Music and movies in Dolby Atmos

During the visit to the DES Studio, we talked about that the finalization of the Atmos mixes for the cinema were done in the Digital Factory Auditorium. It is in this Auditorium of the Digital Factory that we are going today, I thank Frederic (Chief Operating Officer) and Fabrice (Sound Engineer) for their welcome and…

How to get your vinyl cutted?

Today the vinyl is back and the new albums are released in this format. But, there is also an offer of vinyl cutting by unit ( to cut your compilation or an album not published on vinyl) or in small quantities without the constraint of having to produce several hundreds of copies. It is in…

From tape to Dolby Atmos, SACD, visit of DES Studio (Part1)

Today Poussin (artist name) welcomes us in his studio to present us the different parts of his work as a sound engineer in his different activities such as mixing, Dolby Atmos Mix, Mastering and Audio Preservation. Poussin’s Digital Encoding System Studio exists since 2000 and is specialized in : the digitization of tape preservation, more…

Multichannel and spatialization

In the context of multichannel examinations, the sound rendering is partly dependent on the spatialization.Spatialization will depend on the distribution of sound levels and the effects applied to the sounds.As much as it is difficult to measure the sound effects which will remain more in the notion of appreciation, the measurement of the distribution of…

Few words about MusicTech

This MusicTech page is dedicated to the description of the technical and technology aspects that are implemented for the creation and for the restitution of the music.

I like sharing about these subjects, do not hesitate to contact me.

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