70 albums or singles, 425 editions reviewed …

For this beginning of the year, here is a compilation of all the reviews 70 albums (including 3 singles) and 425 releases that have been tested. The information provided in this index will allow you to get an idea of how different versions of the same album sound. Many media have been tested: Vinyl (114),Continue reading “70 albums or singles, 425 editions reviewed …”

Ed Sheeran = Review (Vinyl, Streaming Hi-Res, Dolby Atmos)

= pronounced “equals” is the 4th album of the artist released on October 29, 2021. Ed Sheeran said it was his “favorite album” on twitter. You can find the measurements of each edition in the different parts and listen to the samples of these albums here. This album includes 14 tracks :  Tides Shivers FirstContinue reading “Ed Sheeran = Review (Vinyl, Streaming Hi-Res, Dolby Atmos)”