TOP 10 album reviews in 2022

Here are the Top10 most viewed reviews in 2022, Thank you all for your support and feedback. Dire Straits – Money For Nothing LP, CD, Qobuz, 1988, 1996 remastered 2022 Norah Jones – Come Away With Me LP , CD, SACD, Streaming, remastered 2022, 5.1, Atmos Binaural Daft Punk – Random Access Memories LP , Qobuz, Tidal,Continue reading “TOP 10 album reviews in 2022”

Tears For Fears – Live At Massey Hall Toronto, Canada Review

After being released on the deluxe edition but limited to a few tracks, the album is now available in a more exhaustive version with 13 tracks and especially a new mix. This album has been released as part of the Disquaires Days en french, Record Store Day in english (see the new) which offers originalContinue reading “Tears For Fears – Live At Massey Hall Toronto, Canada Review”