82 albums or singles, 504 editions reviewed …

The milestone of 500 tested versions has been passed since the creation of this blog, 504 to be precise, thank you all for your encouragement.These 504 versions are distributed in 78 albums and 4 singles.The types of supports have been enlarged with in addition to the supports CD, DVD, Bluray, SACD, vinyl, cassette, DAT, streaming,Continue reading “82 albums or singles, 504 editions reviewed …”

70 albums or singles, 425 editions reviewed …

For this beginning of the year, here is a compilation of all the reviews 70 albums (including 3 singles) and 425 releases that have been tested. The information provided in this index will allow you to get an idea of how different versions of the same album sound. Many media have been tested: Vinyl (114),Continue reading “70 albums or singles, 425 editions reviewed …”

33 Albums and 157 Editions reviewed

Here is the index of reviews made on MagicVinylDigital.net with 33 albums tested and 157 editions analyzed.Among these editions, you can find 49 vinyl, 31 CD, 41 streaming, 3 SACD, 3 cassettes and also Hi res, Bluray, DVD, Atmos and 360 RA Binaural files… I hope that all these reviews will help you to findContinue reading “33 Albums and 157 Editions reviewed”

Francis Cabrel – Trobador Tour (Live) – Review (Vinyl, Streaming Qobuz)

This album resumes the tour “Trobador Tour” of Francis Cabrel which took place in 2021 and continues in 2022.This album contains 31 songs including the successful “Petite Marie”, “Je l’aime à mourir”, “Encore et encore”….The album also includes two unreleased tracks “Pour me faire peur” and “Quoi dire?” You can find the measurements of eachContinue reading “Francis Cabrel – Trobador Tour (Live) – Review (Vinyl, Streaming Qobuz)”