33 Albums and 157 Editions reviewed

Here is the index of reviews made on MagicVinylDigital.net with 33 albums tested and 157 editions analyzed.Among these editions, you can find 49 vinyl, 31 CD, 41 streaming, 3 SACD, 3 cassettes and also Hi res, Bluray, DVD, Atmos and 360 RA Binaural files… I hope that all these reviews will help you to findContinue reading “33 Albums and 157 Editions reviewed”

Katie Melua- Acoustic Album No. 8 – Review (CD, Streaming Qobuz, Tidal)

Katie Melua is back with the acoustic version of his album No. 8 released in 2020. Unlike Album N°8, the orchestration is reduced to a guitar sometimes accompanied by keyboards played by Mark Edwards, an intimate recording. You can find the measurements of each edition in the different parts and listen to the samples ofContinue reading “Katie Melua- Acoustic Album No. 8 – Review (CD, Streaming Qobuz, Tidal)”