TOP 10 album reviews in 2022

Here are the Top10 most viewed reviews in 2022, Thank you all for your support and feedback. Dire Straits – Money For Nothing LP, CD, Qobuz, 1988, 1996 remastered 2022 Norah Jones – Come Away With Me LP , CD, SACD, Streaming, remastered 2022, 5.1, Atmos Binaural Daft Punk – Random Access Memories LP , Qobuz, Tidal,Continue reading “TOP 10 album reviews in 2022”

33 Albums and 157 Editions reviewed

Here is the index of reviews made on with 33 albums tested and 157 editions analyzed.Among these editions, you can find 49 vinyl, 31 CD, 41 streaming, 3 SACD, 3 cassettes and also Hi res, Bluray, DVD, Atmos and 360 RA Binaural files… I hope that all these reviews will help you to findContinue reading “33 Albums and 157 Editions reviewed”

Adele 30 – Review (Vinyl, Streaming Amazon Music, Qobuz, Youtube)

30 is the 4th album of Adele coming after 25.It is a personal album of Adele in which Adele approaches her separation while also evoking her maternity. She also realizes the analysis of the celebrity.Adele has already broken a record with this new album, having more than 500,000 vinyls produced for its launch. You canContinue reading “Adele 30 – Review (Vinyl, Streaming Amazon Music, Qobuz, Youtube)”