Dynamics of the media and music

The dynamics, i.e. the difference between the lowest and the highest level, is an important element of music. However it is important to distinguish the dynamics of the media (CD, vinyl, tape, SACD, digital file) and the dynamics of the track of music itself which can be independent of the media. Let us start withContinue reading “Dynamics of the media and music”

MOFI Analog or Digital sources? List of sources (updated on December 10) .

The MOFI case, which has been on the internet for more than 10 days, shows that the management of master tapes is indeed a real problem today, because these tapes are aging and have been used many times. This is why, for the preservation of our heritage, we also digitalise the multi-track tapes that wereContinue reading “MOFI Analog or Digital sources? List of sources (updated on December 10) .”

MOFI – Liste of sources Updated 08 16 2022

Update of the MOFI list with the addition of new vinyls and also the addition of process details like :1/4″ / 15 IPS analog master to DSD 256 to analog console to lathe which indicates that the DSD file has been converted to analogue for mastering in an analogue console before cutting. Find the listContinue reading “MOFI – Liste of sources Updated 08 16 2022”