Dynamics of the media and music

The dynamics, i.e. the difference between the lowest and the highest level, is an important element of music. However it is important to distinguish the dynamics of the media (CD, vinyl, tape, SACD, digital file) and the dynamics of the track of music itself which can be independent of the media. Let us start withContinue reading “Dynamics of the media and music”

From tape to Dolby Atmos, SACD, visit of DES Studio (Part1)

Today Poussin (artist name) welcomes us in his studio to present us the different parts of his work as a sound engineer in his different activities such as mixing, Dolby Atmos Mix, Mastering and Audio Preservation. Poussin’s Digital Encoding System Studio exists since 2000 and is specialized in : the digitization of tape preservation, moreContinue reading “From tape to Dolby Atmos, SACD, visit of DES Studio (Part1)”