Lana Del Rey ‎– Chemtrails Over The Country Club Review

Ed3 : Vinyl- Polydor Picture Disc ref 3549784 – 2021

This is the same album pressed in Picture Disc.

Reference 3549784 (The Sound Of Vinyl)
Format (speed)single vinyl picture disc
Type33.33 rpm
Mastering/PressingSterling Sound (US) / Europe
Original recordingDigital
Year original2021
Year production2021

The waveform represent all the tracks of the album.

Like the Ed1 Vinyl and Ed2 Vinyl Color, this edition is dynamic, we can see many attacks of the instruments that gives this dynamic rendering. As opposed to the Ed4 CD version which is compressed.

Waveform Ed3 Vinyl Picture Disc

The curve represents the average frequency distribution over the sample “Let Me Love You Like A Woman”. The interesting features on this curve are the following:

  1. The curves are similar up to 3 kHz, but beyond that (yellow area), the level of the Ed3 Picture Disc vinyl is 1 or 2 dB higher than the black vinyl (Ed1).
  2. At 30kHz and 40kHz, there are two small peaks (green area), which have no impact on the listening experience, but which will show two thin lines in the spectrogram.
Spectrum Ed3 Vinyl Picture (White) vs Ed1 Vinyl (Blue)

Spectrogram is another representation of frequency versus time of a track. For each channel (right and left), horizontal axis represents time, and the vertical axis represents frequency. The amplitude is represented by the intensity (brightness) of the color of each point in the image.

The spectrogram, as for the spectrum (arrow green), reveals the limit at 22 kHz due to the digital recordingand mastering at (44.1 kHz ou 48 kHz).

Beyond 22 kHz (yellow arrow), there are 2 thin horizontal lines which represent the 2 peaks indicated in the spectrum graph, as well as the noise or distortion due to the method of reading the vinyl.

Spectrogram Ed3 Vinyl Picture Disc


The graph represents the comparison of the surface noise between the Ed1 Vinyl (white) and the Ed3 Vinyl Picture Disc.
The two editions are compared with respect to their maximum level.
We can see that the Ed3 is noisier between 100 Hz and 1500 Hz, up to 15 dB difference (Yellow zone). It is the printing of the disc that generates this surface noise.
But the Ed3 is 5 dB quieter than the Ed1 below 100 Hz (Green Zone).
Globally, the surface disc is more audible than on the Ed1 vinyl and Ed2 vinyl Color versions. Picture discs are more decoration discs than listening discs

Noise Ed1 Vinyl (White) vs Ed3 Vinyl Picture Disc (Blue)

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