Anne Bisson – Tales from the treetops (Vinyl, CD, Hi-Res File 24/96)

Pianist since childhood, she won the prestigious “Étoiles Du Maurier” competition in 1984. After more than twenty years of a career with very rich experiences, Anne Bisson comes back to music, jazz, and launches the album Blue Mind (2009). After “Portraits & Perfumes”(2011), “Tiles from the treetops” is Anne Bisson’s third album.

Anne Bisson is joined by the best musicians like the jazz double bassists Normand Guilbeault and the drummer Paul Brochu (member of the UZEB group).

Anne is joined by the best for the recording and production of her album to bring all the pleasure of her voice and piano playing.

More information about Anne Bisson here.


  • Vincent Bélanger, Cello
  • Normand Guilbeault, Double Bass
  • Paul Brochu, Drums
  • Anne Bisson, Piano, Vocals
  • Suzie LeBlanc, Soprano Vocals (tracks: Love’s Philosophy)


  • Recording System: Neumann U-87
  • Lauten-Audio Horizon LT-321, Atlantis FC-387, Torch ST-221, Oceanus LT-381
  • Sennheiser MKH 8050, MD421, e902 | Preamp Moon 3500MP | Cables: Vovox
  • Bösendorfer Piano: accordé et préparé par / tuned and prepared by: Serge Harel accordeur / tuner
  • Every effort is made to obtain the best musical result, audiophiles will appreciate.

This album includes 9 to 16 tracks (depending on the support): 

  1. : I Live In A Treehouse
  2. *: I Don’t Believe In Destiny
  3. : Dry My Tears
  4. : I Miss My Love
  5. : Lilac Blooms
  6. : Everybody’s Kissing In Paris
  7. *: Cœur De Verre
  8. *: Winter’s Coming
  9. *: The Lady Of The Black Lake
  10. : Love’s Philosophy
  11. : Da Unten Im Tale
  12. : Your Smile
  13. : I Do
  14. *: Where Are You
  15. **: I Miss My Love Jazz Version Bonus Track
  16. **: Where Are You Instrumental Version Bonus Track

* Bonus tracks, only on the CD (Track order on vinyl is different).
** Bonus tracks, only on the Hi-Res digital files 24/96

We will review 3 editions (vinyl, CD and Hi-Res digital files) of this album.

First we will analyze each edition in detail (technical and qualitative analysis) then we will compare the successive editions with their dynamics and assign a final score and you will be able to listen some samples.


Review of the editions:

Ed1 : Vinyl Camilio Records ref  CAM5-2021 (2014)

Ed2 : CD  Camilio Records ref  CAM2-4335 (2014)

Ed3 : Hi-Res Digital Files 24/96 (2014)

Go to Dynamic
Go to Notation/Rating/Samples

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