Jean-Michel Jarre – AMAZÔNIA Review

Ed3 : Digital File Binaural – 2021

This is the Binaural digital file downloded with a spetial code included in the CD or Vinyl Release.

Label Columbia
ReferenceDownload with code included in CD or Vinyl
Format (speed)Digital File
Type24 bits 48 kHz Binaural for Headphone only
Original recordingDigital
State Europe
Year original2021
Year production2021

The waveform represent all the tracks of the album.

Like the Ed2 CD, the Ed3 Binaural file is also compressed, but without clipping like on the Ed2 CD.

Waveform Ed3 Digital File Binaural

 The curve represents the average frequency distribution over the sample title “Part 5”. The frequency distribution is similar, but the processing applied to the binaural version makes it impossible to compare it to the Ed2 CD version.

Spectrum Ed3 Digital File Binaural (Blue) vs Ed2 CD (White)

Spectrogram is another representation of frequency versus time of a track. For each channel (right and left), horizontal axis represents time, and the vertical axis represents frequency. The amplitude is represented by the intensity (brightness) of the color of each point in the image.

The spectrogram, as for the spectrum (in Yellow), reveals the limit at 22 kHz due to the digital recording.

Spectrogram Ed3 Digital File Binaural

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