Jean-Michel Jarre – AMAZÔNIA Review

Amazonia is a special musical project with the famous photographer Sebastiao Salgado on the theme of the Amazonian forest. It is a specific creation for the Philharmonie de Paris, with an exhibition that will begin on May 20, 2021. Jean-Michel Jarre has composed specially with 52 minutes of music to accompany the photos.

Jean-Michel Jarre conceived from real sounds of the forest an original musical creation that accompanies the impressive photographs of Salgado. The rustling of the trees, the cry of the animals, the song of the birds were recorded on the spot in the Amazonian forest, and presents a sound landscape adapted to the course of Salgado.

More information on the exhibition on the website of the Philharmonie De Paris.


  • Composed, Produced and Mixed by Jean-Michel Jarre at JMJ Studio
  • Technical assistance Patrick Patrick Pelamourgues
  • Mastered at Yakuda Mastering by Dave Dadwater

This album includes 9 tracks : 

  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2
  3. Part 3
  4. Part 4
  5. Part 5
  6. Part 6
  7. Part 7
  8. Part 8
  9. Part 9

We will review 5 editions (Vinyls, CD, Digital File Binaural, Digital File 5.1, Streaming) of this album.

First we will analyze each edition in detail (technical and qualitative analysis) then we will compare the successive editions with their dynamics and assign a final score and you will be able to listen some samples.


Review of the editions:

Ed1 : Vinyl Columbia ref 19439845051- 2021

Ed2 : CD Columbia ref 19439858232 – 2021

Ed3 : Digital File Binaural – 2021

Ed4 : Digital File 5.1 – 2021

Ed5 : Streaming Ultra-HD – 2021


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