Anne Bisson – Blue Bayou – Review of the third single from the album Be My Lover

Anne Bisson is a Canadian jazz singer known for her vocal talent and ability to perform songs with emotion and sensitivity. She has released several albums throughout her career, including Passions in 2007, Conversations in 2009, and Portrait in 2016. Anne Bisson’s albums have been praised by critics for their mix of jazz, blues, and pop, as well as for their original arrangements and high-quality recording. In March 2023, she will release her new album Be My Lover.

Following the success of Moondance and Are You Sure You Want Me, Blue Bayou is now available on all streaming platforms.

The single “Blue Bayou” is available in a high resolution 24 bit 196 kHz format.

This 7th album “Be My Lover” will be available in different formats:

  • CD numbered UHQCD
  • Double LP 45 RPM 180g
  • 24 bits USB key

Pre-orders are open on Anne Bisson’s website.

For this track Blue Bayou, we find a dynamic track with a DR12 as confirmed by the waveform below:

High resolution (192 kHz) is used to capture and reproduce an audio signal with maximum precision for a faithful reproduction of nuances and subtle details.

We can observe on the spectrogram and the spectrum below the signal that rises above 25 kHz (yellow arrow). This high frequency allows to obtain additional information on high frequencies, such as highs and harmonics, which are not captured when using standard resolution (44.1 kHz).

Beyond 25 kHz, we can also observe small peaks of frequencies that rise up to 40 kHz (white arrow). These ultra-high frequencies contain micro-information.

While waiting for March, here is the third single Blue Bayou presented in Hi-Res by Qobuz.

Blue Bayou (24 bits 96 kHz)
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