Anne Bisson – Moondance – Review of the new single

Anne Bisson comes back 3 years after her very good album Keys to My Heart and offers us the first single Moondance from her future album Be My Lover.
Available today on all platforms, the single is available in high resolution 24 bits 192 kHz, Thanks Anne.

The review of the album Tiles from the treetops is available HERE.

This new single is the opportunity to make a review while waiting for the release of the album. Anne Bisson has always surrounded herself with the best people for the realization of her albums, this is also the case for this new single Moondance, we find a dynamic track with a DR12 and a waveform without limitation of marked dynamics as shown in the graph below:

The high resolution is used to approach the maximum of information, we find on the spectrogram and the spetrum below the signal which rises above 20 kHz (yellow arrow). Beyond 40 kHz, there is almost no signal on this piece (white arrow).

While waiting for the album, here is an extract of this first successful track:

Qobuz Hi-Res – Moondance sample (24 bits 192 kHz)

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