Eric Clapton ‎– Unplugged Review updated with MOFI Ultradisc One Step Vinyl and SACD

Here are the MOFI One step and SACD vinyl versions of Eric Clapton’s Unplugged album.
For this album, MOFI did not indicate the type of source, but a digital source was used as confirmed by the measurement results. This album is not from an analogue source, so there is no copy from analogue to DSD.

MOFI’s contribution is made by their own mastering and by the quality of the vinyl recording.
For the mastering, the graph below compares the spectrum of the original CD version and the SACD MOFI version. We can see corrections in the treble with more than 5 dB difference (yellow zone) and in the bass (green zone). Both versions cut at 22 kHz, which indicates the use of a master with a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz.

Between the MOFI vinyl and SACD versions, the master between the two versions is not identical. The graph below compares the spectrum of MOFI vinyl and Mofi SACD. There is a small difference in the low frequencies mainly below 100 Hz (green area) and a peak in the high frequencies above 15 kHz of more than 5 dB (yellow area). The yellow arrow also shows the cut-off at 22 kHz. This mastering gives a less bright, more natural sound.

You can find the complete analysis with dynamics and waveform measurements and also samples to listen to the differences between 10 versions here.

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