Eric Clapton ‎– Unplugged (Vinyl, CD, DVD stereo, DD 5.1, Streaming) Review

It is a superb live album by Eric Clapton recorded in 1992 during a live show on MTV Unplugged in the Bray Studios in London.
With over 26 million copies sold, it is the artist’s best selling album. The album won six Grammy Awards in 1993 at the 35th Annual Grammy Awards.
Initially, Eric Clapton did not want to release the live album because of some small mistakes, and he did not think that a live acoustic album would work in 1992.
It turned out to be just the opposite.

You can find the measurements of each edition and listen to the samples of these albums here.


  • Eric Clapton (Guitar, Vocals)
  • Andy Fairweather-Low (Guitar)
  • Nathan East (Bass, Guitar, Backing Vocals)
  • Steve Ferrone (Drums)
  • Chuck Leavell (Keyboards)
  • Ray Cooper (Percussion)
  • Katie Kissoon (Backing Vocals)
  • Tessa Niles (Backing Vocals)


  • Recorded at Bray Film Studios on 16th January 1992 for MTV Unplugged TV series.
  • Mixed by Steve Boyer, assisted by Victor Deyglio
  • Mixed at Power Station

This album includes 14 tracks (see exception in review of the edition) : 

  1. Signe
  2. Before You Accuse Me
  3. Hey Hey
  4. Tears In Heaven
  5. Lonely Stranger
  6. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down & Out
  7. Layla
  8. Running On Faith
  9. Walkin’ Blues
  10. Alberta
  11. San Francisco Bay Blues
  12. Malted Milk
  13. Old Love
  14. Rollin’ And Tumblin’

We will review 8 editions ( 2 Vinyls, 2 CDs, Streaming Amazon Music HD, DVD stereo and 5.1, Cassette) of this album.

First we will analyze each edition in detail (technical and qualitative analysis) then we will compare the successive editions with their dynamics and assign a final score and you will be able to listen some samples.


Review of the editions:

Ed1 : Vinyl ref 9362-45024-1 – 1992

Ed2 : Vinyl double ref 468412-1 – 2011

Ed3 : Cassette ref 9362-45024-4 – 1992

Ed4 : CD ref 9362-45024-2 – 1992

Ed5 : CD Deluxe Edition ref 8122796366 – 2013

Ed6 : DVD Stereo ref 7599-38311-2 – 1998

Ed7 : DVD 5.1 ref 7599-38311-2 – 1998

Ed8 : Streaming Amazon Music HD – 2021


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