Pink Floyd – Live at Knebworth 1990 Review (Vinyl, CD, Bluray stereo and 5.1, streaming)

At the Silver Clef Award Winners in Knebworth, this concert was recorded with 120,000 people on June 30, 1990 in support of the Nordoff Robbins charity to raise funds for the BRIT School. This concert included other artists like Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Tears For Fears, Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler, Robert Plant (with Jimmy Page), Cliff Richard and Paul McCartney.
This concert was broadcast on MTV.
It was released only in the deluxe box set “Later Years” in 2019.
Today, this concert of Pink Floyd is released individually in vinyl edition and CD.
This review compares the different releases in 2019 and 2021, including the bluray version and its 5.1 track.
You can find the measurements of each edition and listen to the samples of these albums here.


  • David Gilmour : Guitar, Vocals
  • Nick Mason : Drums, Percussion
  • Richard Wright : Keyboards, Backing Vocals
  • Guy Pratt : Bass Guitar, Vocals
  • Jon Carin : Keyboards, Vocals
  • Tim Renwick : Guitar
  • Gary Wallis : Percussion
  • Durga McBroom : Backing Vocals
  • Sam Brown : Backing Vocals
  • Vicki Brown : Backing Vocals
  • Clare Torry : Backing Vocals (Lead Vocals on The Great Gig In The Sky)


  • Recorded at Knebworth House on 30 june 1990
  • Recorded and engineered by Mike Fraser
  • Remix by Andy Jackson and Damon Iddins with David Gilmour

This album includes 7 tracks : 

  1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Parts 1-5
  2. The Great Gig In The Sky
  3. Wish You Were Here
  4. Sorrow
  5. Money
  6. Comfortably Numb
  7. Run Like Hell

We will review 6 editions (Vinyl, 2 CD, Streaming Amazon Music HD, BluRay stereo and 5.1) of this album.

First we will analyze each edition in detail (technical and qualitative analysis) then we will compare the successive editions with their dynamics and assign a final score and you will be able to listen some samples.


Review of the editions:

Ed1 : Vinyl– Knebworth Concert 1990 ref PFRLP34 – 2021

Ed2 : CD Knebworth Concert 1990 ref PFR34 – 2021

Ed3 : Streaming Knebworth Concert 1990 ref Amazon UltraHD – 2021

Ed4 : CD n°5 of the later years 1987-2019 Limited Edition Box – 2019

Ed5 : BD n°4 Stereo- of the later years 1987-2019 Limited Edition Box – 2019

Ed6 : BD n°4 5.1- of the later years 1987-2019 Limited Edition Box – 2019


Go to analysis of the dynamic
Go to Resume/Notation/Rating/Samples

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