To be or not to be updated ? (Pink Floyd, Patricia Barber)

The tracks of a streaming album can be updated, this is the advantage of streaming, but also a disadvantage, because we are not sure to always listen to the same source.

Here are two examples of updates concerning the albums A Momentary Lapse Of Reason and Clique!

Pink Floyd – A Momentary Lapse Of Reason (a false update)

The version concerned is the Ed4 : Streaming Amazon remastered 2011.
In the initial review, we found that all the tracks were in 16/44.1, except the second track “”which is in UltraHD 24/192.
November 23rd, an update has been noted, the tracks “One Slip” and “Sorrow” was changed in UltraHD 24/96.

In addition, these three tracks were also offered in Reality Audio 360.

Below the comparison of waveforms, the new tracks (green rectangles) have a higher sound level, with a compression of peak levels:

temporary updated waveform
initial Waveform

The DR has changed for both tracks. For the first, it changed from DR10 to DR9. For the second, it changed from DR9 to DR8.

On the spectrogram, the green rectangles show that the high frequencies are no more limited to 22 kHz but to 48 kHz :

temporary updated spectrogram
initial Spectrogram

We gain in sample rate for both pieces, but we lose a little in dynamics.

But on November 25th, another change, and back to the initial version of the review. The tracks in 360 Reality Audio are no longer available.

In conclusion, an error of publication of the audio files which was corrected, so you can never be sure to always listen to the same album.

Patricia Barber – Clique

For the album Clique, it is the Ed3 : Streaming Qobuz – 2021 that is concerned.

For this album, the update is a real improvement.

There was a track in 24/44.1 among the tracks in 24/176.4. The problem is now corrected and all the tracks are at the same resolution 24/176.4.

The updated spectrogram with all tracks in 24 bits 176 kHz :

Updated spectrogram

Compared to the old spectrogram with a 16 bit 44.1 kHz track (green arrow):

Old spectrogram

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