Mylène Farmer – New single “Rayon Vert” with Sony 360RA

Mylène Farmer releases today her new single Rayon vert. This single is included in the next album L’Emprise which will be released on November 25th with 14 tracks. Rayon vert is available in video on youtube :

And also in streaming in high resolution 24 bits 44.1 kHz and in 360RA version on Tidal, Amazon and Dolby Atmos on Apple Music.

Here is a quick analysis of the single with the waveforms of the Tidal stereo versions:

And below, the 360RA version which is much more dynamic as the curve shows, and as confirmed by its DR13 compared to the DR6 of the stereo version.

We also find a beautiful spatialization of the 360RA version with a beautiful distribution in the space of the music that envelops us in the music as shown in the graph below:

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