Jean-Michel Jarre – Live in Notre-Dame VR – Welcome To The Other Side – Review (Vinyl, CD, Bluray, binaural, Streaming Amazon)

Part 2 : Waveform and dynamic comparaisons


The waveform represents all the tracks of the album.

This edition Ed1 (Vinyl) , Ed3 (Bluray concert PCM vidéo) and Ed7 (Streaming Amazon Music) are very dynamic. The mix and the number of tracks are different for these two editions.

Waveform Ed1 : Vinyl 2021
Waveform Ed3 : Bluray Concert PCM Stereo 2021
Waveform Ed7 : Streaming Amazon Music Ultra HD2021

For the Ed2, the CD is compressed as shown by the purple arrow. The signal is pushed to 0 dB digital. The CD is still impacted by the loudness war as confirmed by DR7.

Waveform Ed2 : CD 2021

The binaural file is less compressed than the Ed2 CD, the peaks are less often at 0 dB (yellow arrow) with a DR8, but it is less dynamic than the vinyl with a DR12.

Waveform Ed6 : Binaural 2021

The 5.0 Ed4 (DTS-HD) and Ed5 (Dolby True-HD) editions are very dynamic with a DR13. We find a waveform without clipping.

Waveform Ed4 : Bluray 5.1 DTS 2021
Waveform Ed5 : Bluray 5.1 Dolby 2021


We start this test by measuring the dynamic. Dynamic represents the ability to reproduce a wide range of sounds from the softest to the loudest. 

For our 5 editions we have obtained the following Dynamic Range (DR):

 Ed1: VinylEd2:  CDEd3: Bluray concert PCMEd4: Bluray 5.0 DTS-HDEd5: Bluray 5.0 DOLBY TRUE-HDEd6: BinauralEd7: Amazon Music
The Opening (VR Live)DR12DR6DR12DR13DR13DR9DR11
Oxygene, Pt. 2 (VR Live)DR12DR6DR12DR13DR13DR7DR11
The Architect (VR Live)DR12DR7DR13DR15DR15DR7DR11
Oxygene, Pt. 19 (VR Live)DR12DR7DR10DR11DR11DR7DR12
Oxygene, Pt. 8 (VR Live)DR12DR6DR12DR14DR14DR7DR11
Zero Gravity (VR Live)DR12DR6DR12DR13DR13DR7DR12
Exit (VR Live)DR13DR7DR12DR13DR13DR9DR12
Equinoxe, Pt. 4 (VR Live)DR12DR6DR14DR13DR13DR8DR12
Stardust (VR Live)DR11DR6DR11DR13DR13DR8DR11
Herbalizer (VR Live)DR13DR8DR12DR14DR14DR10DR14
Oxygene, Pt. 4 (VR Live)DR13DR7DR13DR14DR14DR8DR13
The Time Machine (VR Live)DR12DR6DR12DR13DR13DR7DR10
Waiting for Cousteau  DR10    

The DR is very good with DR13 for the two release Ed4 and Ed5 (5.0 version). The vinyl , the PCM version of the bluray and the Streaming Amazon Music are also dynamic with a DR12. On the other hand, the CD and the binaural version are subject to significant compression, the loudness is not yet finished!

As a reminder, the scale goes from 0 to more 20, but the dynamics are considered good from 12, quite good between 10 and 11, and deteriorate below 10.

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