Ghostbusters – Original Soundtrack Album (Vinyl Japan, remastered vs CD vs 24/96)


Ed1 : Vinyl from Japan ARISTA ref  CAM5-2021 (1984)
LabelArista Records
Format (speed)Vinyl 12” (33.33 rpm)
Mastering/PressingPressed in Japan
Original recordingAnalogic
Year original1984
Year production1984


The Spectrum allows to check the tonal balance of the music (balance between low, medium and high sounds) and to detect treatments that may have been carried out during the recording, during the mixing, mastering or media manufacturing process. With this measurement, it is also possible to detect frequency interference problems.

The curve represents the average frequency distribution over the first title. The interesting features on this curve are the following:

  1. We can clearly see a rise in the level of frequencies below 200 Hz (Blue), which indicates a significant impact of low frequencies. On the other hand, the level drops very quickly below 40 Hz, which is due to the characteristics of the musical instruments used in the recording. This title does not offer any infra bass (rare on this type of music) which does not prevent it from having a powerful presence on the bass.
  2. The shape of the curve depends directly of the music and its harmonic richness. There are not ideal curves.
  3. There is a progressive decrease in frequency above 15kHz up to 30 kHz (yellow). This indicates that an analog master has been used (in digital the cut-off frequency is usually abrupt) and give the date the record was made.
  4.  If we look at the curve at 15 kHz, we observe, compared to the other editions, a level about 5 dB higher (Green), which explains the difference in the treble sound rendering between the Japanese edition and the remastered editions.
  5. A small frequency peak appears around 28 kHz (red), probably due to a parasitic electronic equipment near the recording equipment or a defect in the processing chain. Here there is no reason to worry because the parasite level is very low (- 100dB).
Spectrum Ed1 : Vinyl Japan

Ed2 : Vinyl  ARISTA ref : 88843082871 (remastered in 2014)
LabelArista Records
Format (speed)CD
MasterDigital 16/44.1
Original recordingAnalogic
Year original2014
Year production1984


This spectrum has the same main characteristics as the previous one, however we can see a steep drop in the signal at 20 kHz of almost 10 dB (Yellow). This is probably characteristic of the master that was used for the manufacture of the vinyl. In our case, it is a digital master with a frequency of 44.1 kHz (or 48 kHz). So we don’t benefit from the full bandwidth of the original. However, this happens beyond 20 KHz and at a very low sound level and will not be audible to most people.

Between 8khz to 15 kHz, the level is lower (Green) than Ed1 (Vinyl Japan) .

Ad2 : Vinyl remastered
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