Ed Sheeran – + (Vinyl, CD, Streaming)

Ed3 : Streaming HD Album, Stereo, 16bit 44.1kHz, 2011
Reference Streaming Amazon Music HD
Format (speed)CD
Type 16/44.1
MasterDigital 16/44.1
Original recordingDigital
Year original2011
Year production2011

The mastering of the Streaming is different from the CD. With a DR12, the mastering does not used compression like CD. It’s similar to the Ed1 vinyl.

Waveform Ed3 Streaming one track

Here is the signal of the songs on the Streaming (the same tracks as the A side of the vinyl). You can clearly see that is more dynamic than the CD.

Waveform Ed3 Streaming eq Side A equivalent


The curve represents the average frequency distribution over the track 2, with a DR11 for Streaming and DR9 for CD. Interesting characteristic on this curve is that the spectrum between the two versions is identical. Compression doesn’t change the sound balance in this example.

Spectrum ED3 Straming (White) vs Ed2 CD (Blue)

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