Dire Straits – Brothers In Arms (Vinyl japanese, remastered, Mofi, Abbey Road Studio, CD, SACD, Streaming)

Brothers In Arms is the 5th album of Dire Straits. It is the biggest success of the group with 30 million albums sold worldwide (about 2 million in France).

It was released in May 1995 and received a Grammy Award in 1986 for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical.

Brothers in Arms is one of the first albums recorded on the Sony 24-track digital tape recorder.
This album was the benchmark album for CD player promotion at its release by exploiting the high dynamic range available on the CD and its full digital production, with DDDs indicating full digital production during recording, mixing, and mastering.

 This album has another particularity, indeed, the duration of the tracks is not the same for the CD and the vinyl. Originally the vinyl was released as a single disc, so the songs have been reduced in length to fit on both sides of a vinyl, the CD itself being 55 minutes.
This point has been corrected on the double vinyls, which take up the initial duration of the songs.

The album includes the following tracks, duration depending on the media:


  • First Dire Straits album recorded in Digital.

This album includes 9 tracks : 

 CDSimple VinylDouble Vinyl
So Far Away5:123:595:12
Money for Nothing8:267:048:26
Walk of Life4:124:074:12
Your Latest Trick6:334:386:33
Why Worry8:315:228:31
Ride Across the River6:586:556:58
The Man’s Too Strong4:404:374:40
One World3:403:363:40
Brothers in Arms6:596:576:59

We will review 8 editions (4 Vinyls, 1 SACD, 2 CD, Streaming) of this album.

First we will analyze each edition in detail (technical and qualitative analysis) then we will compare the successive editions with their dynamics and assign a final score and you will be able to listen some samples.


Review of the editions:

Ed1 : Japanese Vinyl Vertigo ‎ ref 28PP-1005 (1985)

Ed2 : Vinyl Vertigo ‎ Back To Black ref 3752907 remastered in 2014

Ed3 : Vinyl MOFI – ref MFSL 2-441 remastered in 2015

Ed4 : SACD MOFI‎ – ref UDSACD2099 remastered in 2013

Ed5 : CD Vertigo ‎ ref 824 499-2, (1985)

Ed6 : CD Warner Bros. Records‎ ref 9 47773-2, USA , Remastered SBM in 2000

Ed7 : Vinyl Abbey Road Studio ‎– ref ARHSDLP004 remastered in 2021

Ed8 : Streaming HD Album, Stereo, 16bit 44.1kHz, 1985


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