Eric Clapton ‎– Unplugged (Vinyl, CD, DVD stereo, DD 5.1, Streaming) Review


We start this test by measuring the dynamic. Dynamic represents the ability to reproduce a wide range of sounds from the softest to the loudest. 

For our 8 editions we have obtained the following Dynamic Range (DR):

 Ed1: VinylEd2:  Vinyl doubleEd3:  CassetteEd4: CDEd5:  CD DeluxeEd6:  DVD StereoEd7:  DVD 5.1Ed8:  Streaming
Intro     DR12DR12 
Before You Accuse MeDR14DR14DR13DR14DR14DR15DR14DR15
Hey HeyDR16DR17DR13DR15DR15DR17DR15DR15
Tears In HeavenDR14DR14DR12DR12DR12DR13DR16DR14
Lonely StrangerDR14DR16DR13DR13DR13DR16DR17DR14
Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And OutDR13DR14DR11DR11DR12DR13DR15DR13
Running On FaithDR15DR16DR13DR12DR10DR15DR15DR15
Walkin’ BluesDR16DR17DR14DR17DR15DR19DR16DR16
San Francisco Bay BluesDR13DR14DR11DR11DR11DR13DR14DR14
Malted MilkDR15DR16DR14DR15DR15DR15DR16DR13
Old LoveDR15DR17DR13DR12DR11DR16DR17DR16
Rollin’ & Tumblin’ DR15DR13DR11DR10DR15DR15DR15

The DR vary globally from 13 to 16 for stereo, is a very good dynamic. CDs and cassettes have the lowest dynamic range, due to the little compression in the mastering (for the CDs), and a technical limitation for the pre-recorded cassette. Ed2 vinyl double and Ed6 DVD stereo have the best DR respectively DR16 and DR15. The BD 5.1 offers a dynamique of DR14 like Streaming and Ed1 Vinyl. There is also a DR19 for one of the tracks on the Stereo DVD.

As a reminder, the scale goes from 0 to more 20, but the dynamics are considered good from 12, quite good between 10 and 11, and deteriorate below 10.

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