Eric Clapton ‎– Unplugged (Vinyl, CD, DVD stereo, DD 5.1, Streaming) Review

Ed3 : Cassette ref 9362-45024-4 – 1992


This is the cassette release of this album. This tape has been recorded with Dolby HX Pro technology which allows it to have a good dynamic range and a lower background noise. Dolby B is also used to reduce the noise of the tape, but not activated here during the playback.

LabelReprise Records
Reference 9362-45024-4
Format (speed)Cassette Dolby HX PRO, Dolby B NR
Mastering/PressingDigital, US
Original recording
Year original1992
Year production 1992

The waveform represents all the Tracks of the album.

We notice that the tape is very dynamic, but less than the Ed2 Vinyl double, we do not find all the blue peaks representing the dynamics of the guitar.

Waveform Ed3 Cassette 1992

The curve represents the average frequency distribution over the sample ” Before You Accuse Me “.

The interesting features on this curve are the following:

  1. The green area shows that the bass is a few dB higher on the cassette (white) than on the Ed1 vinyl (blue).
  2. The yellow area shows an overall level up to 6 dB higher in the highs of the cassette compared to the Ed1 vinyl. But, the cassette is not as continuous in the highs which attenuate beyond 18 kHz.
  3. The red area clearly shows the difference in background noise between the cassette and the Ed1 vinyl. Above 20 kHz, it is also related to the cassette deck used, here a Nakamichi LX3.
Spectrum Ed3 Cassette (White) vs ED1 Vinyl (Blue)


Spectrogram is another representation of frequency versus time of a track. For each channel (right and left), horizontal axis represents time, and the vertical axis represents frequency. The amplitude is represented by the intensity (brightness) of the color of each point in the image.

The blue arrow represents the normal collapse at 20 kHz (sampling frequency of the master). The black arrow indicates the area of noise above 20 kHz.

Spectrogram Ed3 Cassette 1992

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